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Hey! My name is Angelo Leo, and I am an Artist and Saxophonist from Ottawa, Ontario. I was raised in an  Italian family who had a passion for being creative in their own perspective. At the age of 16, I discovered my love for music and I practiced it ever since.  At 23, I was drawn back into the world of painting after stopping for 9 years since my early teens. 


When I paint, I wear the same outfit every time. A dark blue cotton top and a pair of black sweatpants that have seen better days of course while having espresso filled with sugar. Italian eh?!


My style of art is abstract with the influence of old-school hand-painting. My biggest inspiration through my art has been my Nonno (Grandfather) who had a very particular style of painting through Surrealism and hand painting as a landscape mural artist.


Throughout these past years, I never considered creating art in the visual form until the pandemic. The forced-choice of staying home and brain-storming through my bored days flourished my passion for painting and here I am!

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